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Take an opportunity to get back on the bike this winter and try riding a Fat Bike. Nothing beats the calm serenity of riding through a silent forest and only hearing the sound of the snow crackling beneath your tires. Fat Biking is a totally unique riding experience. For those of us who spend the warmer months on a bicycle, hanging the bike up for the winter is usually one of the lower points of the season.

Through our partnership with Horseshoe Resort, Ride Guides is now offering an Introduction to Fat Biking package through the newly upgraded Horseshoe Nordic Adventure Park. This two hour guided ride packed with a mini fat bike specific skills course will take you around Horseshoe Resort and deep into the Copeland Forest, on both Groomed Bike Track and Technical Singletrack.


Here is a list of what you need to bring with you

On top of the fat bike, there are a couple of other items that you will need to bring for your safety. Without these items, you may not have a good ride and that will be bad for everyone. If you don’t possess these items, we can help you out by renting them to you for the duration of your ride:
  • Water Bottle(s) or Hydration System
  • Protective Eyewear / Glasses / Goggles
On top of the critical safety items, there are a number of other items we recommend you bring with you if you have them – they will make your experience more enjoyable:
  • Insulated Riding Gloves
  • Sunscreen
It is important to make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather. Mountain Biking is a strenuous physical activity so you also want to be sure the clothing you are wearing allows for good breathe-ability. when in doubt, dress in layers which can be easily removed and stowed. Some areas of the trail can be prone to poison ivy at different times throughout the season, so you will likely want covering on your lower legs to help prevent exposure. Another key clothing item is padded riding shorts. These shorts can help save your butt from a couple hours of saddle punishment, and we highly recommend them.

  • Wear a moisture wicking base layer
  • Bring or wear a thermal mid layer
  • A breathe-able windproof shell is imperative
  • Footwear that is insulated and waterproof
  • Warm wool socks over light stockings are ideal
  • Well insulated gloves (brakes don’t work well with mittens)


Where are you heading & how are you getting there?

Departure Point

Unless alternate arrangements have been made, this guided ride takes off from the Horseshoe Nordic Centre, on the *North Side* of Horseshoe Valley Rd, directly across the street from the Resort entrance (if you are using a GPS, look for 1101 Horseshoe Valley Rd). Proceed in the drive way and go straight down into the large gravel parking lot and park with the other cars, and there may be a few of them.

Departure Time

Please meet promptly 15 minutes before your designated start time. We will use this time to make sure all of our paperwork is sorted and we perform our safety checks. This will make sure we maximize the time we have available on the trails. If you have somewhere to be later that day, be sure to let us know so we can make sure you are out of the bush and on your way when you need to be.